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#Does It Shandy?

Shandy with a Twist Sweffling White Horse beer garden Most of us have had that dilemma of what to drink when we are designated driver at the pub. For me, an evening on soft drinks doesn't really cut it. I have had some great evenings at the Sweffling White Horse on Ghost Ship 0.5%, but I also like to blend a 0.5% beer with a full strength beer when I'm driving. This gives a shandy without the sweetness of lemonade and, in my opinion, a better body than a straight 0.5% beer. Now there are plenty of options for a 0.5% shandy on offer at Sweffling, but which beers blend the best? Read on to find out. The Backstory Like most people I know I enjoy going to the pub for a beer. Unlike most though, I have been known to take beer to the pub myself - not for a shady cheap drink I hasten to add, but to share interesting beers with landlords I know well enough to be able to make recommendations.  In the summer of 2019 I took some Big Drop beers to share with Maz and Mark at the Sweffling

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