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A Belgian Beery Break Pt 3: Brugge

Our last night in Ghent had drawn to a close with the barman, and a local, in Den Turk telling us that all the ways that Brugge was not so good as Ghent. Had we made a dreadful decision in coming to Ghent first? Would we be ending our Belgian Beery Break on a downer instead of a high? Only time would tell.

Our first impression driving into Brugge, and finding the Ibis hotel that we were staying in, did nothing to allay our fears. The city seemed clean, but very suburban and lacking in character compared to Ghent. At first glance, it seemed that we would need to fathom out public transport in order to get to the part of the city we wanted to visit. However, the hotel receptionist explained that it was very walkable, and pointed us in the right direction.

It took just a couple of minutes to find ourselves walking along cobbled streets between charming old houses, and just a couple more to get our first glance of one of the many magnificent churches that seem to abound in Brugge. The histo…

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