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Ghost Ship Alcohol Free Taste Test

Adnams launched their Ghost Ship Alcohol Free in June 2018 with quite a fanfare. 

This was Adnams' first foray into the world of alcohol free beer; although they have had Sole Star available at 0.9% ABV since April 2017. I happened to be be designated driver a few times in the weeks immediately after the launch, so obviously I sampled the new beer. My first reaction was that it was a decent alcohol free beer, but I was certain that it wouldn't fool anyone into thinking it was actually Ghost Ship. Unfortunately I never got round to doing a taste test at the time.

Recently I have had another spate of designated driver duties, resulting in me revisiting Ghost Ship AF. I was immediately convinced that something in the recipe or process must have been tweaked, as I was sure that the beer have been drinking recently is much closer to 'full fat' Ghost Ship. Popping into Tesco on the way home from work earlier this week I saw both versions of Ghost Ship side by side on the shel…

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