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Tin Head Brewery

Back in May 2021 , as I was gazing out of the passenger window in an unfamilar town, I spotted a sign for Tin Head Brewery. As it happened it was just across the road from my destination for that particular shopping trip - so of course I went over to investigate, once I had completed my birthday present buying duties.  I took a taster of Can't Catch Me, a gingerbread porter, and decided to make it a pint. As I did so, I wondered if a whole pint might be a bit much. Thankfully, the spicy warmth of the ginger didn't become overwhelming; in fact I had a second before it was time to go.  It was three months before I was back in Lancashire but I knew I wanted to go back and find out more about the brewery. On that return visit I was lucky to be able to sit down with Nick Walton, brewery founder and co-owner, to find out all about the business.  Nick took his first steps into professional brewing in 2017. In his own words - "I bought the brewery in March 2017 on a whim. We'd

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