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Boudicca Brewing Co. at Theberton Lion Beer Club

For the September meeting of the Theberton Lion Beer Club* we were joined by Emma Pinder of the Boudicca Brewing Co. Emma explained that she had a background working in television, but that she had a longstanding interest in beer and has previously been involved in the organisation of the Norwich Beer Festival. She founded the Boudicca Brewing Co. three years ago, when redundancy left her with a sum to invest, and the need to find a new occupation.

The head brewer is Andy Mitchell,who took a rather circuitous route into the brewing business. He started off by studying chemistry at university, before pursuing a career in ICT. At this time he began dabbling in home brewing, eventually deciding to study brewing and distilling at Heriott Watt University. Before joining Boudicca, Andy had his own operation, Spectrum Brewery, where he was particularly well known around Norfolk for his darker beers.

Boudicca Brew Co has a very strong brand identity. All the bottle labels, and pump clips, feat…

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