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In December the Theberton Lion Beer Club was visited by Colchester Brewery, in the form of founders Tom Knox and Roger Clark. As it happened, I had sampled a couple f Colchester Brewery beers just a few weeks earlier at a local beer festival; I had found both of those beers to be fair to middling, and so I didn't have the highest expectations going into this particular beer club.

Tom, who is the head brewer, took the lead in telling us about the brewery, and introducing the beers. He started off by giving us some background, explaining that he and Roger had worked together in the industry formore than 20 years prior to setting up Colchester Brewery. In particular, Tom had been head brewer at another Suffolk brewery before deciding that he wasn't happy with changes that were taking place there following a change of ownership. Tom was coy about naming the brewery, although he dropped a hint that made it possible to work out the puzzle**, preferring to stick to talking about his o…

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